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This course is designed to change behaviours to prevent the attendee offending or reoffending, and to become a safe driver. The course aims to help the attendees to recognise the problems associated with drink driving and to take personal responsibility for, and to address their behaviour in relation to drink driving.

To complete the course takes 12 hours, and is usually completed over 3 sessions. There are no pass or fail examinations, but you will be expected to participate to the best of your ability and make a positive contribution.


The speed awareness course is a very beneficial course to safer driving on the roads. The attendees will be guided around the following topics, often accompanied by video clips or other visual aids:

  • The benefits of speed limits.
  • Attitudes around speeding.
  • Consequences of speeding.
  • Driver skill and knowledge.
  • Driver responsibility.
  • The difference your speed makes.
  • Impact of speeding on other drivers.


Using a mobile phone while driving is a serious distraction and greatly increases the risk of the driver crashing. High mileage and company car drivers are more likely that most to use a mobile phone while driving.

Roadwise solutions raise awareness by providing training to ensure that drivers and their line managers, are reminded about:

  • The law about mobile phones and driving.
  • The dangers of hand held and hands free phones.
  • The need to use voice mail messaging when driving – or allow passenger to take the call.​
  • The importance of line mangers not expecting staff to make or receive calls while driving.
  • The PR consequences of using mobile phones while driving.