Roadwise Solutions

Benefits of Blackbox Cameramatics

Video and Telematics in one view: Tracking, telematics and video on a single platform. Get immediate insight and a complete picture of vehicle, goods, passengers and driver remotely via desktop on mobile phone with high quality footages and sound capture.

Cut fraudulent claims & insurance costs: Access video evidence, driver behavior statistics and proof of safety checks after accidents or incidents. Get the facts on-demand to limit liability and keep vehicles on the road.

Risk Management: Cameramatics allows full visibility on potential issues. Risk levels are controlled by your organization with full resolution process.

Driver Management: Speeding and driver footages and help reward good drivers and re-train poor driving behaviors.

Cameramatics Apps: The Manager and Driver Apps allows Accidents Reporting (allows to take videos and pictures and stored in the system for managers), Proof of Compliance (Servicing, driver licenses and Insurance renewal reminders. Driver Safety (Paperless vehicles checks by drivers sent to manager’s platform).

Fleet and Cargo Security: Cameras capture proof of delivery, damage of goods and deter theft from vehicles.

Protect your investment and Reputation: Shield your vehicles, Driver and organization. Faster insurance pay-outs because of footage evidence keep vehicles moving and exonerate drivers in case of a false accusation.

Hardware Status: This is one of a kind platform tamper proof feature in Cameramatics that reports and notifies any malfunctioned cameras and hardware faults no matter the number of vehicles.