Roadwise Solutions

Roadwise Solutions

Roadwise Solutions looked to the future and saw a gap in the data available to Fleet Managers/Owners, insurance firms and Safety bodies.

Vehicle tracking improved fleet efficiency but, lacking when it comes to Fleet Risk Management, Driver Safety, Accident Prevention and Fleet Compliance.

Accidents/incidents are commonplace, and more incidents happen as the size of fleets increases. Many companies are unprepared for incidents/accidents when they occur. It’s not just Fleet Cameras we provide but first we look at customers Problems/needs and provide a solution to fit their unique needs through our Blackbox cameramatics solution.

The challenges of reducing claims, fighting fraudulent ‘manufactured` accidents, Fleet/Driver compliance and management cannot be met by current telematics systems. Existing dashcam and `House Cctvs` fitted in some vehicles are not fit-for-purpose and lack relevant data provision that modern companies need.

Cameramatics solution met every need that fleet managers sought and allow them to face the challenges of insurance risk management head-on. The solution provides additional layer of data, on top of telematics and tracking (location) data. It provides total picture of the vehicle, the circumstances surrounding an accident and also a meaningful way to help prevent incidents before they occur and properly gather the relevant data after it occurs.

We have a command Centre which is the heart of the cameramatics solutions where monitoring and access to footage is 24hours a day, 7 days a week. Our cameramatics solution is a future proof investment.